Kind World

Kind World is a community of kind people who are just trying to make the world into a kind world one step at a time.

"Kind Words are the start of a Kind World"

Take on the "Kind World Challenge"!

Write 20 little notes of kindness put them in stores, restaurants and other buildings where people can find them (Don't put more than two notes in a building). Each note can be the same or different, whatever you want. It can be as simple as "You Rock!" or you can throw in a quote or a doodle. Whatever you think would bring someone a smile. Don't sign the note, just leave it anonymous.

If you complete the challenge, send this website to a friend and challenge them to beat it!

Spreading positivity is a simple thing but can really make someone's day. If you don't feel like writing notes try giving 20 different people compliments, you could try telling 20 different people a joke, or you could smile at 20 different people. Little things like these can make a big impact on someone's day, week. month, year, maybe even life.

Together We Can Make A Kind World

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